Delivering Wow and Hapiness

With our vision of "Delivering Wow and Happiness," we have been
striving every day to provide the best dining experience to all our guests.

Restaurant should not be a place just to have a meal. We truly want every guest who visits our restaurant to leave happy with our food, service, and environment that delivers the "Wow".

Whenever and to whomever, so we can deliver Wow&Happiness, we continue to evolve and improve day by day.

Our commitment to the best ingredients

Not only our homemade cheeses, we are always looking for the best ingredients for our food as much as possible. Especially for vegetables, we've been working with organic farmers in Da Lat and source most of our vegetables from them.

Also, we work closely with importers and have them import very specifc brands of parma ham and canned tomato from Italy only for us. We are committed to the quality of our food. We will be never satisfied with the status quo and always in search of the best ingredietns possible.

Classic Neapolitan Pizzas Baked in our Wood-fired Oven

Following the technique of pizzerias in the home of pizza Naples, we cook our pizzas in a very high temperature of over 500℃ for 1 minute and a half. The hand-built kiln (oven) in the center of the restaurant plays a huge part in this preparation process.

Not only the classic Neapolitan pizzas like Margherita, but we also offer our original pizza menus with some Asian twist, such as Japanese Sashimi Pizza and Vietnamese Four Flower Pizza.

Edutainment event

Every morning, we produce our homemade cheese from freshly drawn milk in the 1000m above sea level highland of Da Lat. To keep its milky flavor and natural texture, our professional cheese makers carefully craft each cheese by hand.

Once it's produced, the fresh batch of cheese will be sent out in the same day and arrive at the restaurant the following day. These will be cooked and served in varieties of dishes here at Pizza 4P's. (Click here for more information about our homemade cheese)

Message from the Owner

Internet has changed the world.
We can send out messages directed to the world whenever we want to, from wherever we are. We now clearly know that shining characters and qualities exist all over the world.
Collective wisdom of these wonderful characters must be the key to improving our lives in so many ways.
By considering this restaurant as an innovative "platform" of different characters and qualities to gather, we believe that this place could be where better food and great recipes to be created, and splendid ideas to be generated.
We carefully listen to the voice of our customers, staffs, and partners. We continuously evolve ourselves with our vision, "Delivering Wow & Happiness."
By working on this day in and out, we're going to bring peace to the world.

As Pizza 4P's, we are truly aiming to become the Platform of Personal Pizza for Peace.

Owner   Yosuke Masuko