The Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh Construction’s story

Prologue: The connection bridge from the past to the present 

In the heart of a dynamic Saigon, there are some mysteries that makes this city different and appealing compared to others in Southeast Asia. A Notre Dame Cathedral with red-brick walls, the symmetrical architecture of the City’s Post Office, the French in the town surrounding Ben Thanh Market, the trace of French architecture – elegant and delicate.

Chapter 1: The mysterious attraction of ancient French balconies couple

At the beginning of 2011, when finding new location for a new branch of Pizza 4P’s, French balconies couple caught our attention at the first sight. Nostalgic, romantic and mysterious. We wondered how the dining aura would be in these balconies: “It would be very wonderful” – we guessed.

Turning to the whole scenery, among the uproarious atmosphere of the surrounding streets, the balconies left an impression as a forgotten memory that they had gone through the time and became a unique mysterious mark of this site.

We were very excited about the idea of creating a retro-inspired dining space in Pizza 4P’s chain.




(To be continued…)

From Pizza 4P’s with Peace!