The Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh Construction’s story – Chapter 2

From the initial impression, we decided to retain the ancient French architecture instead of building a whole new restaurant. And that was really a tough challenge for our architects.

To retro a fusion French architecture, we coordinated some spotlight details for the interior designs as ventilating jalousie windows, handcrafted bricks, the unique balcony couple and contemporary minimalist architectural contours to create an open space, yet very cosy.

Chapter 2: Jalousie Windows – Nostalgic Spotlight @ Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh

What we are most concerned is about how to preserve the details of an ancient French scenery here. The architects were nearly deadlocked about the perspective until they saw the ventilating jalousie windows of the surrounding houses.

Thus, the ventilating jalousie windows are now the highlights of the interior designs, exclusively featured at Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh. These windows, not only bring the breath of ancient French atmosphere, but also extend the scenery of Ben Thanh Market as well as create a romantic aura of the French balconies.



(To be continued…)

From Pizza 4P’s with Peace!