The Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh Construction’s story – Final Chapter

The design of the bricks floors and walls is to blow French soul into the restaurant space, elegant, noble and nostalgic. To make this exclusive floors, each brick was handcrafted and hand-picked by every single employee of Pizza 4P’s during the last days of construction.

Chapter 3: Behind the bricks @ Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh

The floor at Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh is truly an unforgettable memory for us. We would never forget the last days of construction, when our founders and staffs laid down each brick themselves, one by one, to create this unique floor.

We put our heart into each brick there. For us, it was such a wonderful time when we and our team beginning something, laughing and creating memories together.

As we seeded our memories at Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh, we also hope this place will bloom memorable moments for you and your beloved ones.



Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh is a combination of ancient and modern culture, between the nostalgic trace of France and the liberal in contemporary minimalist arts. Further than the passion in culinary creativity, we at Pizza 4P’s hope to create a special dining experience space for our customers.

From Pizza 4P’s with Peace!