Grand Opening of Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung | The touch of Farm-Garden Concept

Hide in alley 151B Hai Ba Trung, district 3, HCMC, the 8th restaurant of Pizza 4P’s celebrated Grand Opening as well as welcome customers last weekend.

One of the most specific spotlights of Pizza 4P’s design this time is creating a space where can connects people and the nature. Covered by greenery, Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung brings a special experience, where our guest could go inside the “HEM” and explore a new space that almost separates with the uproarious streets outside.

To create an out-of-the-ordinary experience this time, Mr. Nishizawa – head of the architect team – came up with an idea named farm-garden concept that took an inspiration from an agricultural garden on a trip to Sadec (a city in Vietnam).


The first impression of the plants live under the agriculture net that stretches out overhead brought him to the decision to use agriculture net as the primary material for the design this time. This material is applied to erase the barrier between people and the nature as well as facilitate natural elements, as sunlight and wind can step into the inner space.

The interior design focus on the beauty of natural material as wooden furniture, brick walls and flower vases on the table. Through the transparent sliding doors, people from inside can look out to the garden and welcome the natural light outside. Particularly, trees are planted by the Pizza counter and among dining place to let nature come nearer to the diners.


This time, Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung brings a special space of a natural garden than just simply a restaurant. With an exciting atmosphere and intimate details, we hope this design could “Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness” to you at our restaurants.

Located in a place surrounded by many office towers, people after pressure time working in the morning can come here to relax and enjoy lunch with colleagues or partners. Moreover, with a large space, this place is a good address to create special moments with friends and family on the evenings and weekends.