One of the charms of Hanoi's Old Quarter is
the various large and small alley spaces.

One of the charms of Hanoi's Old Quarter is the various large and small alley spaces. Their depth is unimaginable, and each time you walk further and further in, a different expression of the city shows its face. On this path, sometimes people find themselves in small plazas that open up to the sky, or surprising branches in the path appear, sometimes leading you under and through another building…Down some laneways there are people enjoying tea under a parasol, sellers walking with baskets of seasonal fruits, carts selling street food, delivery men all coming and going... You can really feel the life and the breath of the city. Our project site is within this lively Old Quarter area.
On the site remains a building which was once a printing factory, with its main facade facing the internal courtyard parking area. In order not to introduce a drastic change to the laneway streetscape, we tried to keep the exterior of the old factory building as existing, but directly connect the building to the laneway by cutting a large opening at the side of the building. At the same time we used intentionally over-scaled elements usually seen outside; alleys and courtyards, a large void space and long chimneys, but expressed them on the interior of the building. We did this in order to retain the memory of the unique voluminous factory space, while continuing that liveliness that is characteristic of the Old Quarter through the interior of the building.
When you first come in the building, you enter a tunnel like alley made from unique Hanoi bricks. Beyond this is the heart of the restaurant, the 2 pizza ovens. Chimneys climb up the 11 metre high void, the light from the skylight at the top lights up the pizza chefs and pizza ovens. Right next to the ovens is a stairway connecting to the second floor, from the landing and the 2nd floor seating space one can enjoy a screened view of the activity around the pizza ovens. At the top of the stairs you see the steel roof trusses of the old factory. Another large skylight fills the room with natural light and a meal can be enjoyed around an internal garden with tropical plants. The restaurant has a "farm to table" concept and they plan to communicate this in the near future with gallery space to exhibit photos of their farm and pastures. Inspired by the streetscapes of Hanoi's Old Quarter and renovated from an old factory building, this restaurant is like a new alleyway discovered in the city.


Born in 1980, NISHIZAWA graduated from The University of Tokyo with Masters Degree in Architecture. After working for Tadao Ando, he moved to Vietnam in 2009 and have designed many projects in collaboration with Mr.Vo Trong Nghia and Mr.Daisuke Sanuki. In 2015, he established NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS. The major projects are Binh Thanh House, Binh Duong School, Katzden Factory...etc. He won the Vietnam National Architecture Prize and ARCASIA Award in 2015.


Born in 1977, TAKEMORI graduated from master of Urban Design, school of Engineering, Kansai University, Japan. After worked at MIKAN and then co-establish”worklounge03-” in 2003 and worked in Japan & China. In 2011, going to Vietnam. Established the WORKLOUNGE 03- VIETNAM co., ltd. at Hanoi for architectural design and research in 2015.
Now he is working at Japan and South-East Asia from Hanoi, Vietnam.