Hoping to be Your "Special Oasis", Away from the Ordinary, yet Also Comfortable

What kind of place makes people want to come back again and again?

Is it something different from your day-to-day life,
that makes your heart dance?
Is it a comfortable place where you can take a breath and relax?
Pizza 4P’s strives to be both of those things
- a place where you can feel the excitement of being away from the ordinary,
yet feel comfortable at the same time.

This is why we put a lot of time and effort into designing our space
– why our commitment goes beyond our food.

We strive to always be new with designs that amaze,
but also to be a relaxing place that makes you want to stay for hours.
Pizza 4P's hopes to ultimately be your “Special Oasis”.

Pizza 4P's Creators File


Creator #1Shunri Nishizawa

Born in 1980, NISHIZAWA graduated from The University of Tokyo with a Masters Degree in Architecture. After working for Tadao Ando, he moved to Vietnam in 2009 and has designed many projects in collaboration with Mr.Vo Trong Nghia and Mr.Daisuke Sanuki. In 2015, he established NISHIZAWA ARCHITECTS. His major projects are Binh Thanh House, Binh Duong School, Katzden Factory...etc. He won the Vietnam National Architecture Prize and ARCASIA Award in 2015.

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Creator #2Joe Chikamori

Joe Chikamori, a Japanese first class qualified architect, has more than a 15 years of work experience in Tokyo and Southeast Asian countries for architecture and interior design in various sectors. He has been running his own studio 07BEACH since 2011, and had been gaining outstanding reputations. Many of his projects have been featured in globally influential media.

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