Farm To Table

Our Desire to See Smiles
on Diners' Faces Naturally Led Us to "Farm to Table"

"What can we do to put more smiles on people that dine with us?"

When we put a lot of thought into that question,
we were naturally led to our commitment to the quality of our ingredients.

Delicious food is only the beginning, the bare minimum.
If our food is safe and healthy on top of being delicious,
we will be able to see more smiles.

Those smiles will be the gateway to "true happiness" that we wish to spread.

This is how we found our way to our commitment, “Farm to Table”.

It is a concept that promotes serving safe and fresh foods directly from producer (farm) to consumer (table), under consistent management.

We have been able to build trust with farmers in Da Lat, who send fresh produce directly to our restaurants.
Our packaged foods such as ham and canned tomatoes come from carefully selected brands, and are imported directly from Italy.

Food safety has been a topic of discussion recently, in Vietnam.
Because we started Pizza 4P's in this country, it is important to us that the people we serve feel truly safe and happy,
and that we bring smiles to their faces.

“Farm to Table” is one of our core values.

Our Contracted FarmThien Sinh Farm

Thien Sinh Farm is located in Don Duong, which is on the outskirts of Da Lat,
one of Vietnam's leading plateau regions.
They own 7 hectares of land, and this is where vegetables such as arugula,
one of the key ingredients at Pizza 4P's, are grown.

Our beliefs aligned with their production process of valuing
the natural ecosystem and farming without synthetic pesticides
or chemical fertilizers. We have a contract farming agreement
with Thien Sinh Farm, and they are valuable partners
who make "Farm to Table" possible for Pizza 4P's.

> Thien Sinh Farm

Farmer’s TalkNguyen Quoc ThangOwner of Thien Sinh Farm

We first started operating our farm in 1990.
In 1999, we started our Thien Sinh nursery farm, and in 2011, we launched Thien Sinh Farm.
We currently have a cultivation system that fully utilizes the power of nature, such as producing compost soil. We do not use any pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides that contain synthetic pesticides.

We value these 3 key visions:
1. The health of workers who engage in farming, and the health of people in our village
2. Safe food for our consumers, especially to provide safe food for children and expecting mothers
3. Sustainable farm operation

Our current goal is that our sustainable agriculture spreads and expands amongst farmers around us, and that we see an increase in cooperative production.
We hope to have more direct dealings with individual consumers and restaurants that agree with our vision, such as Pizza 4P's, and if that eventually leads to an increased availability of good quality produce for reasonable prices in Vietnam, it will make us happy.