Pizza 4P’s Vo Van Kiet’s Design | Abstract Farm to Table

Our new restaurant – Pizza 4P’s Vo Van Kiet has already started service at 608 Vo Van Kiet, Cau Kho Ward, District 1.

The architect, Kazufumi Suzuki, brought layers of meaning behind the design here.

The design theme is “Abstract farm to table”, featuring an ambiance of an organic farm through an urban approach. The green tiles express a stretching green farm, while the lanterns implicate the natural light from “Sun” and “Moon”.

The creative intention treasures the beauty of natural elements, as well as creates a connection between Vietnamese and Japanese materials. The design reflects this creative intention blending layers of special materials and techniques:

+ Akari Light of Isamu Noguchi,
+ Organic Wood Polishing Technique,
+ Terrazzo with recycled products
+ Indigo Dye technique.


Akari Light of Isamu Noguchi

Designed by Isamu Noguchi, Akari light is considered the icon of modern design. In Japanese, Akari means “Light”. When this word is written in Kanji format, it is the combination of the word “Sun” and “Moon”. Thus, Akari light implicates the harmonization of natural light – Sun and Moon.

Developed into paper lanterns, the lights blend Japanese traditional handcraft and a twist of modern technique. Akari lights are made using washi paper and bamboo ribbing (Japanese traditional handcraft) while strengthened by a metal frame (modern twist).



Organic Wood Polishing Technique

Recently, we have been considering more and more on “sustainable development”. We believe a sustainable environment is an essential part which creates a long-lasting peaceful world.  Wood Polishing Technique is a special creation this time. It contains layers of our organic materials: 4P’s House-Roasted Coffee and Whey (the remaining liquid after making Cheese).

Both Whey and House-Roasted Coffee are organic materials. By applying these materials, we aim to reuse the Whey and treasure natural technique, without using chemical substances. Here, the Whey is utilized as the base while Coffee is applied as the painting color. Whey is the remaining liquid after making cheese. Thus, it contains natural oil which helps feature and keeps the original color of Coffee.


Terrazzo with recycled products

Terrazzo stone consists of chips of natural stones. It is usually applied for decorating floor and wall surface. We did implement this technique to our Saigon Centre store.

Yet, with the ambition of “sustainable development”, the tiny chips on Terrazzo this time are made from used empty wine bottles. Empty wine bottles at our restaurants are gathered and broken into tiny pieces. They are then mixed to create decorative Terrazzo stone.


Indigo dye Technique

As an urban approach, Indigo dye Technique is applied to express a stylized organic farm ambiance. The tiles are dyed into “green”, featuring a stretching green farm.

Indigo dye technique made with natural color from plants. Indigo features not only distinctive colors but also handcrafted unique patterns. The dyeing procedure is local made and completely natural. It is usually considered as an eco-friendly dye technique.

The floor is layered with Vietnamese traditional tiles. Meanwhile, both Vietnam and Japan share the common culture in Indigo dyeing technique. By applying Indigo, we aim to treasure the local culture and share the connection between the two countries.