Pizza 4P’s Ly Quoc Su is closed on 26 February 2019

Dear all treasured guests at Pizza 4P’s in general and Ly Quoc Su in particular,

We at Pizza 4P’s still recall the first day when we took all our courage to open the second restaurant, which was also the first location in Hanoi in 2015. As you may know, it took us 4 long years to make such a big move in a totally new city to us – Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam. Thanks to your generous supports, your sharing happiness with us, Pizza 4P’s Ly Quoc Su has become the favorite dining place in the city. We have been motivated a lot by that, and feel more confident in opening more Pizza 4P’s restaurants since then.

Up to today, with all our sincere apology, we are very sorry to officially announce that: We will stop operating in 24 Ly Quoc Su, starting from next Tuesday. We still open and serve as normal until the end of 25th Feb 2019. Please come and share the very last moment with us next Monday. After that we will move on to the next location in Ngo Bao Khanh, Hanoi soon enough to deliver joy, happiness and wow to you with the new restaurant.

All other Pizza 4P’s restaurants are still up and running as normal. Please accept our apology and continue supporting us with our other 3 (and more) Pizza 4P’s in Hanoi:

Pizza 4P’s 43 Trang Tien
Pizza 4P’s number 5, Phan Ke Binh
Pizza 4P’s Lotte Center Hanoi

Thank you very much for your understanding and kind supports as always.

From Pizza 4P’s Ly Quoc Su.