Happiness spread from the pizza oven in the backyard

Years ago, Pizza 4P’s founder Yosuke Masuko and his friends gathered to make a pizza oven from scratch in his backyard. The group of friends, whose jobs spanned across different fields, summoned every weekend, got muddy and dirty like kids, and built the pizza oven with their hands. 

It took them nearly 6 months, and once the pizza oven was made, the party began. The magic of the pizza oven and sharing food instantly brought everyone closer, connected people and put smiles on their faces. Masuko realized that “Making hearts richer and spreading happiness around the world could begin from something as small as this.”

In 2011, fascinated with the country of Vietnam, and with fond memories of the backyard pizza oven back in Tokyo, Masuko made the decision to create a place to spread smiles in the world and named it Pizza 4P’s.

Our idea of “Peace” is to live happily with a positive outlook on life while having peace of mind and body. The name 4P’s represents our wish “For Peace” – for the world to be filled with long-lasting inner Peace.

Our ambition at Pizza 4P’s is not to simply be “A Great Pizza Restaurant”. We have a bigger vision – Make the World Smile for Peace. In pursuit of this vision, we want every guest who steps into our world to feel more excited and happier, not only through food quality but also our ambiance and Omotenashi spirit. House-made fresh cheese at our cheese factory in Da Lat, directly sourcing ingredients from local farmers following the concept “Farm-to-Table”, reducing food waste,… we believe that if we repeat those small steps, the whole world can be filled with more happiness.

Starting from a modest restaurant in a small alley on Le Thanh Ton Street, we now have more than 15 stores throughout the country and deliver thousands of smiles every day. Thank you all for being a part of our journey!

Christmas brings memories back. In this nostalgic season, what could be better than gathering with your loved ones around the pizza oven? Pizza 4P’s is honored to serve you with freshly-made pizza, house-made cheese, beer and wine, and unique dining experience for fulfilled reunion moments.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!