The Corporate Donation Policy

The Corporate Donation Policy

Our vision is to “Make the World Smile for Peace”. It constitutes the foundation of our corporate donation program. We believe that strengthening local communities through the grants creates more opportunities for us to collaborate with local organizations, help communities thrive, and tackle the social and environmental issues that our community faces.
For more details or to apply for a community grant, please read through our policy below.

The purpose of our effort of corporate donation is to support our corporate vision, enhance the social and environmental sustainability of our community and represent our corporate values publicly.

・Organizations must submit an online application to be considered for funding.
・Submitting an online application or meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee to fund.
・There is no deadline to apply; applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please allow up to 60 days for your application to be reviewed.
・Only successful applicants will be contacted.

3.Contribution Priorities
Our corporate donation will be provided selectively and focuses on the following areas of engagement;
A.Hunger and poverty
B.Ecosystem conservation
C.Environmental conservation

4.Eligibility Criteria
a.Organizations must be:
ⅰ.A Vietnamese legally registered non-profit organization operating for purposes beneficial to Vietnamese communities.

b.Who is more eligible?
ⅰ.Supporting our corporate vision
ⅱ.Take place in the communities in which we operate
ⅲ.Provide direct community service, specifically relating to the above-focused categories
iv.Programs with measurable social outcomes
v.Define clear governance by establishing a Group-wide policy
vi.Have long-term goals and objectives that are publicly communicated
vii.Are committed to sustainable development
viii.Are transparent about their activities and report on those publicly
ix.Have been operating for at least 3 years

c.Funding Exclusions:
i.Individuals or individual pursuits.
ii.Initiatives outside Vietnam.
iii.Third-party organizations that raise funds for charities.
iv.Advertising, for-profit projects or activities
v.Programs with a religious, political or sectarian purpose.
vi.Monuments or memorials.
vii.Entities without good standing and a clean record with authorities.
viii.Anything which is not complying with our corporate vision.

5.Grant Requirement
a.The requesting organization must organize and conduct the logistical process for product donations themselves and they must guarantee that they will bear the respective costs.
b.The requesting organization must clearly state how a cash grant has been allocated and must be able to provide proof in the form of documentary evidence that the amount was used for this purpose.
c.The organization must provide us with post-event documentation (project report, photographs, video) within 4 weeks after the project closes.

a.4Ps reserves the right to deny any donation request.
b.All donations are at the discretion of 4Ps.