2021 Sustainability Report 📋🌏

On this special occasion today – Earth Day (22 April), we would like to share with everyone 4P’s Sustainability Report, 2021 edition.

👉 Check out our report in ENGLISH:

👉 Check out our report in VIETNAMESE:

2021 was a challenging year but it was also a year of progress. Everything we do as a business has an impact on our planet. This report is a reflection of our efforts, trials, mistakes, improvements to face climate issues head on. We know this journey is not an easy one but we strongly believe that a better future is possible for our home planet and we are taking steps towards it. Sustainability plays a crucial role at 4P’s and this is our way of expressing gratitude to our Mother Earth.

To our beloved Guests and Partners, we thank you for your support on this journey. We hope that everyone will continue to accompany 4P’s to get closer to our vision “Make the World Smile for Peace”. ☺️