Pizza 4P’s Message: “You r ONE in 7 BILLION”

Congratulations on 2017 World Population Day

From July 2017, we are reaching 7,517,357,139 people on Earth.

In 2017, Pizza 4P’s would like to welcome World Population Day (11.07.2017) with the message that:
———– You r ONE in 7 BILLION ———–
ONE simple smile could enlighten BILLION lives.


World Population Day 
_ 11.07 _

On July 11th, 1987 – 6:35am (GTM), a Croatian boy was born, marked World Population reached 5 Billion People. At that time, many countries celebrated human victory of struggling for Global Growth.

Nowadays, July 11th has been chosen by United Nation Fund Population as World Population Day, to remind that each person has human rights and encourage positive attitude to improve living standard, to expand knowledge and to balance the ecological environment.


From Pizza 4P’s with Peace.