World Peace Day 2017 | Smile For Peace

In our journey to the Mission of “Make the world smile for peace”, this year World Peace Day –  September 21st , 2017, we held a small internal charity. Together with Pizza 4P’s team members, we visited a specialized school in Binh Thanh district for disadvantaged children: “Thi Nghe Orphanage Vietnam”

Behind the school’s gate, the atmosphere was fulfilled with serene and silence. Lives of these students here are all surrounded in the school’s quite campus. Rarely could they feel truly happiness. Thus, we hope we could bring more smiles for them.

Besides supporting some daily necessities, Pizza 4P’s members also brought their special love to the children there. The kids all enjoyed every moment talking and playing with us. Smiles started to bloom on their faces. Although the time was short, the children’s smiles left us many long-lasting beautiful memories. In a place that many children were fallen into unfortunate situations, we try to spread out the strength of love, in order to give them as much peaceful smiles as we could.

Therefore, beginning from happiness of our surrounding community, we try our best to spread more happiness to more people as well as to reach our Vision of “Make the world smile for peace”