Part 2 | Hand-crafted Bricks at Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh

This part, we would like to tell another story that both becomes one of the iconic in the design of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh and imprints beautiful memories during construction time.

Rustic, cozy and nostalgic, the brick itself not only has an elegant beauty that go well with classical design concept of this building; but also could reflect different emotions. We thought there was no other suitable candidates than bricks to be part of general interior design of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh.

Inspired by red-brick walls of French architecture, the brick shape were modified to design the walls, floors and Pizza Ovens here. We applied red brick tone for the walls while coordinated it with natural grey cement tone for the Floors and Pizza Ovens.

Our architect shared us that with modern technique, it is not difficult to create large cement bricks. However, to respect the resonance of primary design – create a general view from little details, these bricks were all hand-crafted.

More than 25,000 bricks and 3,000 ones were utilized to decorate the floor and Pizza Ovens here. According to the design, each brick must be placed at a narrow distance. Therefore, this require us to place the brick, one by one, by hand.

Unfortunately, there were not much time left, then it seem impossible to complete it on time. In this tough situation, our staffs were willing to give us their hands. On the final days of the construction, every brick was laid down by our founders and many Pizza 4P’s staffs.

We had such great time working together and every brick here is truly meaningful to us. As our memories were seeded at Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh, we hope this place could bloom memorable moments for you and your beloved ones.

General architecture of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh could be simple in one word “Blend”, where comes the connection between old and new, between exterior and interior design, as well as between the atmosphere of a Saigon’s corner and inner space of the restaurant.

Further than the passion in culinary creativity, we at Pizza 4P’s hope to create many distinctive dining space for our customers through each restaurant.