Pizza 4P’s Le Thanh Ton | The Idea of Original Design

Back in 2011, in an alley on LTT street, we started our first Pizza 4P’s.

At the beginning, we want to create a place that people not just only could enjoy good food, but also spending precious moments with their beloved ones. So we invited Mr. Joe Chikamori, a Japanese first class qualified architect, to design our first restaurant. What he did was taking inspiration right from our original symbol – Pizza.

“As mixing ingredients well make pizza appear and taste more original” – Joe said, “the combination of Vietnam location, Japanese feelings and Western style pizza would make the restaurant be original like we have ever seen.”

Chikamori then planned to mix Vietnamese, Japanese and Western elements together to create an original interior for our first store.

Some useful existing spots like marble stones, spiral stairs and the wall texture were kept to flicker a little Vietnamese feeling.

Along with that, our architect also combined “deep blue purple” (Japanese traditional color) with sliding wooden doors and “charcoal black” of wood to hint a lightly Japanese style in the interior design.

And to layer various styles in the interior, Joe placed stones along the walls. Mixing 6 types of natural stones at the Pizza counter is the last touch of Chikamori to create an original feeling as he said before.


In the way that not too obvious in any styles, Joe has brought a harmony in combining different cultures in Pizza 4P’s Le Thanh Ton design, as how ingredients are well blended in a Pizza.