Pizza 4P’s Saigon Centre Design | A connection between an organic and inorganic feeling

Being the first of our restaurants in a mall, Pizza 4P’s Saigon Centre introduces a new design concept that is different from our other branches. In the design of Pizza 4P’s Saigon Centre, we aim to create a connection between organic and inorganic feelings. If organic feelings are created from natural essences, then inorganic feelings relate to the appearance of human elements.

The design theme took inspiration from Karesansui, known as Japanese landscape garden or waterless stream garden. This spiritual design is well-known for its unique expression of nature.

Karesansui expresses the flexibility of water by intentionally arranging rigid materials, such as rocks, stones, etc. For instance, the image of the moment when a droplet touches the water surface is presented by placing a big stone in the center and little gravels around it in concentric circles.

We created a round shape for the pizza counter to express the organic nature – the counter is set as if a big stone is intentionally arranged.

Meanwhile, we connect this traditional design with a modern twist. Terrazzo, a technique that holds human wisdom within, is applied to the floor and the counter. This arrangement and application create an inorganic feeling as if there was a touch of human hand.

In contrast, the building’s concrete pillars are kept bare, to create an organic feeling.

The combination of a hint of human touch and the natural essence of the materials creates a complex feeling between organic and inorganic in the interior. Through this design of Pizza 4P’s Saigon Centre, we aim to express a respect for the elements of both nature and human.

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