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Cleaning up crew for “Plastics Bottles Cleanup” in Danang city – 12th Aug

Date : 2018/08/03Category : News

On 12-Aug, Danang city will hold a Marathon event. In correspondence to this international event, we 7Bridges, Pizza 4P’s and Rice Creative will join together in establishing a Cleanup Crew to pick up the plastics waste during the day and gather them to their destined recycle spot.

We are calling here for the young generation of Danang to join with us, be a part of the Cleanup crew, too. This powerful team will work effectively on the Marathon date of 12-Aug, picking up the plastic waste, especially the bottles which are dumped in huge amount in the competition. We will next transfer them to a partner who will recycle and put them into another usage for the Danang citizen. This cleanup is organized by the collaboration with a Danang based social enterprise Evergreen Labs which has expertise in the reduction of plastic waste.

During the day, you also have the opportunity to participate in several workshops organized by Evergreen Labs to learn more about the environment and protecting the nature.

How to register:

According to many reports, plastic bottle is one of the most 10 types of waste that found the most in the ocean. As this year’s marathon road is along the coast, let’s join us to contribute a part on protecting our wonderful coast of Danang!