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4P’s Cheese Pairing Set

Date : 2018/12/19Category : News

Season’s Greeting would not be complete without the duo: special drink & cheese. Tailored to our special House-made Cheese dish, our recommended original pairing drinks are:

Yuzu Craft Beer x Camembert Truffle

Yuzu with a touch of sea salt emphasizes the creamy taste of Camembert Truffle. Yuzu’s distinct accent elevates Truffle’s subtle aroma and leaves a refreshing ending.

Red Sangria x Raclette

Fruity, charming Sangria gives a pleasant aftertaste that complements the richness of Raclette.

White Sangria x Camembert

Camembert is stunning paired with sweets. White Sangria with fruity sweetness would complement the earthy, creamy note of our House-made Camembert.

4P’s House Carbernet Sauvignon x Smoked Scamorza

Our original wine – 4P’s House Carbernet Sauvignon with balanced refreshing fruity note goes well with any cheese. Yet, not until pairing with the piquant, smoky Scamorza that our original wine generates the best complement.

Both Cheese and Drinks are proudly our House-made recipes. What better ways than bonding with families and cheering this festive season with our 4P’s Pairing Set?

* This set is now only available at Pizza 4P’s in Hanoi.