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Special Cocktails Collection @ Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh

Date : 2018/12/19Category : News

Christmas parties deserve fun and colorful beverages. Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh offers you a fantastic selection of handcrafted cocktails to celebrate the holiday season. Choose your favorite ones below:


Negroni Cocktail:

Negroni is an iconic Italian cocktail which has a refreshing bitterness. With its unique flavor, you can choose  strongly-flavored foods such as assorted cheese or Salami pizza to pair with Negroni.

Bloody Mary (twist) Cocktail:

Bloody Mary has a reputation as a classic cocktail. With a new twist, Pizza 4P’s Bloody Mary applies our authentic Italian tomato sauce and other spices to create a salty and spicy flavor. This cocktail can be paired with our signature Cheese Pizza.

Passionilla Cocktail:

Passionilla is a combination of creamy vanilla and our House-made passion fruit sauce. It’s considered to be a full-flavored, refreshing starter drink.

House-made Fruity Cocktail:

This intriguing cocktail is loaded with fresh fruits and spirits. Fresh and fruity, our House-made Fruity Cocktail is a fun mixed drink to spice up the party.

House-made Berry Cocktail:

This cocktail is true berry bliss. 4P’s House-made Berry Cocktail features the sweet-tart taste of delicious little berries that will give you a fresh and delightful experience.

Fruit Tea Punch:

Our Fruit Tea Punch is a different twist to a standard punch. Handcrafted with 4P’s fruit syrup, this drink has a light touch of earl grey tea that will be a perfect duo to any seafood dishes.


Grab a glass of Pizza 4P’s Handcrafted Cocktail and let’s get the Christmas party started!

* These signature cocktails are only available at Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh.