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Human of 4P’s: Yuma Nagata – Sustainable man of Pizza 4P’s

Date : 2019/05/13Category : News

Studying agriculture and organic farming at university, Yuma Nagata haboured the love of nature around us. He also considered sustainable development as an essential part of restaurant business and deciced to dedicate his life for it.

As a SDGs officer at Pizza 4P’s since 2017, Yuma Nagata is conducting many projects to apply SDGs to every part of Pizza 4P’s, including earthworm composting, farm garden, Marche – a market where trusted farmers selling organic products, solar energy and so on,… Step by step, these projects are making positive change towards the sustainability.

“I hope that in the near future, everyone will involve in SDGs activities, from staffs to customers, and together we can make bigger impact.” – said Yuma.

Yuma Nagata’s story represents Pizza 4P’s attitude toward global problems: we strongly believe that business and enviroment can get along with together and we are making efforts to it.