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What is the purpose of Pizza4P’s

Date : 2019/08/28Category : Media

This is an article about “What is the purpose of Pizza4P’s” written by Shoko Sato (Sutainable designer of Japan, RIDE MEDIA&DESIGN).

Guests can experience even harvesting vegetable on the second floor of Pizza 4P’s Xuan Thuy.

 “What is the purpose of your company?”

It’s just a matter of course that such a question has been asked in the business scenes. 

The investment amount into ESGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which focuses on the level of efforts for environment, society and governance of companies, increased by 34% globally during the recent 2 years after the adoption of SDGs. As high as 66% of consumers think that they can spend money a lot on sustainability brands. (Reference:Global Sustainable Investment Review/Nielsen Global Sustainability Report). 

While businesses that create values only for their own ended, now, companies are asked what kind of value they can create for the whole society. 

In such an altruism era, there is a restaurant owned by Japanese entrepreneur. It is inundated with global media such as Forbs, BBC and New York Times and is too popular to be reserved. The restaurant, Pizza 4P’s run by Yosuke Masuko (Founder&CEO) and Sanae Takasugi (COO) are located in Vietnam. 

They have a grand vision of “Make the World Smile for Peace” and their growth knows no limits. They newly opened 11th restaurant in Ho Chi Minh the other day. What, on earth, is Pizza 4P’s gathering so much attention like this? I asked their purposes to the representative, Yosuke Masuko.

Pizza restaurant where people can learn sustainability 

Starting from opening-up of the first restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2011, Pizza 4P’s currently has 11 locations in Hanoi and Danang. It’s become popular with homemade cheese from a central-Vietnam highland called Dalat and organic vegetables, and energetic reviews and word-of-mouth information can be seen on the internet.  

Pizza 4P’s opened experience-based restaurant based on the concept of “Edutainment (a word of entertainment mixed with education) in the second ward which is attracting attention as an area of high reputation in Ho Chi Minh. In a unique building that looks like assembling chairs and interiors which remind us of a field athletic with a vegetable garden, a pond and trees, guests are able to learn sustainability while enjoying themselves joyfully.

Children learning food’s background through the workshop on pizza.

I’ve had the key word “Edutainment” in my mind since the foundation. The words, “sustainability” and “social challenges” sound rigid and are likely to be cold-shouldered, but it can lead to stimulate an appetite for knowledge and learn by adding the nature of entertainment and making a positive approach.  We hope that people, the society and environment will head for better directions by our providing chances to learn to as many people as possible through our restaurant. 

Pizza 4P’which has made sustainable efforts at its existing restaurants introduced in the new location, this time, aquaponics which gathers attention as earth-friendly cyclical agriculture.  It produces fertilizers using food waste generated in the restaurant by earthworm compost to grow vegetables there. 

Then, earthworm grown by eating food waste is fed to fish in the pond, and manure excreted from the fish is used as nutrients for vegetables after being filtered. By using such vegetables for its menu, it has realized zero-waste and food mileage zero and provided experiences that a guest him/herself becomes a part of the ecosystem through dining.

Pizza 4P’s Xuan Thuy newly opened in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. There is many activities for kids.

These are the kids who visited the restaurant, showing interests and looking into fresh-green vegetables and fish swimming in the pond. One can hear the kids’ joyful laugh from here and there in the restaurant where they can enjoy pizza workshop and other activities. 

This location focused on kids was created from the thoughts that it wants to tell and hand down something valuable to kids who will play the role in the future. Masuko also said aquaponics started from his will that he wants to tell workings of nature to kids who are being separated from nature due to acute urbanization. 

“The society” is formed by accumulating individual sense of value and its associated actions. Fostering the next-generation sense of values is nothing less than creating sustainable future. Pizza 4P’s efforts with wide and deep viewpoints make us think essence of sustainability as well.


For raising earthworms, whey which is waste produced when homemade cheese is created is used to improve quality of earth and get rid of the smell. The cycle is perfect.

Staff’s awareness raising leads to business growth.

As such, it is universally known that sustainability which Pizza 4P’s is promoting is a vital challenge to companies. While we have seen key words of CSR and CSV more often and circular economy is now one of trend topics. 

However, most of companies actually cannot shift their businesses to sustainability ones because it is hard to find economic reasonability there. 

However, Masuko said that even so, economic value will be created for sure in the long term.  

“Pizza 4P’s not only provides major activities but also focuses on smaller activities such as development of a pizza box from sugar cane and removal of individually-packaged wet paper and others. It takes nearly double in terms of time and cost, but we received positive reaction from a Vietnamese staff member when we changed disposable plastic straws to stainless ones.”

Oceanic pollution due to plastics which is called the global urgent matters is regarded as severe problems also in Vietnam. 

From the background, the staff member thought removal of plastic straws would lead to protecting the ocean of the country and regarded it as his own things, although the word “sustainability” hadn’t rung a bell to him before then. After that, staff started to make efforts to separate waste and reduce food waste, which they had been uncooperative before.  

“I am very happy to hear that the staff started to be proud of Pizza 4P’s by realizing that they are contributing to the community and the society”, said Masuko. The excellent cycle has been created where a sense of belonging raises among staff members starting from efforts for sustainability which leads to better service, to the stakeholders and then to growth of the business. 

We should understand that economic value in sustainability business is not the effort itself, but business culture created from its effort. 

I remembered a slogan of “Leave no one behind” which is a global goal to be reached by 2030 when I see sustainability as the base of business. Business should exist as a means to solve social challenges in order to reach the future and the purposes of companies will be naturally linked to it. 

Then what is Pizza 4P’s with similar comprehensive vision of “Make the World Smile for Peace” thinking about its own raison d’etre?

Sanae Takasugi – Pizza 4P’s COO participates in the children’s workshop.

“What Pizza 4P’s wants to make a commitment to in the final phase is the way of the heart and inner peace. Various efforts that we are now making are just the path to reach that goal. If I am not happy, I can’t make people in front of me happy. And if I can’t make people in front of me happy, I can’t make people beside them happy, either. All social challenges that are widespread all over the world can be, I think, solved only when I, myself, and people around me are satisfied.”

Then, “food experience” can be a key, says Masuko. The experience to enjoy tasty food moves people’s mind and inspires positive energies. “Raison d’etre of ”Pizza 4P’s is to deliver thrill by way of food and provide space to share happiness. By eliciting inner piece of many people from “delicious!”, I want to create the world with endless smile and peace. “

Pizza 4P’s always draw a path, finding true essence of things deep underneath. For what reason does it exist? What is the business for? I suppose that inward reflection to make purposes elicits mentality rooted in the company and can be a trigger sustainable business.

Profile of Pizza 4P’s Founder&CEO

Yosuke Masuko

Upon graduation of a university, Masuko joined Trading company & Cyber Agent and then established Pizza 4P’s in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. He’s made the restaurant so popular that it gathers attention from the world. He’s planning to expand business not only in Japan but also other part of the world. He achieved Foreign Entrepreneur Award from The Tokyo New Business Conference in 2018.