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Date : 2020/05/08Category : News

Today, we would like to introduce something special: Listen 4P’s — a new podcast platform for peace and happiness.

Delivering happiness to you, our dear customers, is what is most important to us. During this recent lockdown period, we have reflected deeply on this mission and we have been searching for ways to not only continue to deliver great food to your homes, but also continue to bring smiles to your faces.

Volume 1 of Listen 4P’s—Pizza Meditation—takes inspiration from the readings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a world-famous Vietnamese monk who guides followers towards mindfulness. This session aims to bring a deeper sense of peace and happiness facilitated by the experience of eating a delicious pizza.

The podcast is 6 minutes long, and divided into 4 parts: (1) an introduction to mindfulness, (2) a 3-minutes breathing exercise, (3) a series of contemplations for you to consider, and lastly (4) our pizza meditation session. Please have a listen just before and during the meal.

You can access our Pizza Meditation Podcast here:

Moreover, in association with our 9th Anniversary, to enhance your listening experience, we are providing 100 Margherita pizzas, at no charge.

To place your order, visit:

Terms & conditions:
– Offer available to order today (May 8th), and will be delivered to your door by lunch time tomorrow (May 9th)
– Limited offer, while supplies last.
– Only available for delivery within 8km of our locations.
– One order per customer.

We hope this podcast will bring to you a new experience, taking you along the path towards mindfulness and inner-peace.