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My Happy Dish Volume 2: Mimi Vu

Date : 2020/10/21Category : Media

Hi Mimi! Thanks for doing this with us. This is a new series, called My Happy Dish. The intention is to get to know your experiences and stories behind your favourite dishes at Pizza 4P’s.

Mimi Vu, Partner at Raise Partners, a social good consulting practice,  and one of Vietnam’s leading anti-human trafficking and modern slavery experts. 

First of all, we’d like to start off with a question that is not too food-related. We’d like to know if there’s any small things or moments that help you achieve happiness or inner peace? 

Hi! Thank you for having me. For me, finding moments of inner peace and joy everyday is normal as I practice the mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh as well as yoga and meditation. It’s a constant journey of developing further self-awareness and being present, actively seeking out all the moments of joy from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. It’s not something I “do” but is rather a mindset that helps you recognise the impact of your actions and energy on everything and everyone around you. Little moments of daily happiness could be anything from seeing the beautiful blue sky while driving my motorbike to taking the few quiet minutes in the back of the Grab taxi to close my eyes and breathe. Planning my next meal makes me happy, as does my daily interactions with vibrant people in Saigon. The key thing is to be open and accept these moments of joy; they add up and can help you achieve happiness and inner peace. We live in a very chaotic world right now that can be quite materialistic and negative, and there’s a tendency to make our happiness conditional on someone or something else. But it’s really the opposite; we’re the only ones who can bring happiness to our own selves. 

Thank you for sharing! So we hear you’re a big fan of Pizza 4P’s, can you share with us your Happy Dish? It can be more than one! 

This is a difficult one. So you know at Pizza 4P’s, there’s the standard menu and the seasonal menu in each location that changes regularly. My current favourite dishes are the ones that belong to the seasonal menu in Danang. The broccoli and sausage pizza is my favourite at the moment – I love broccoli on pizza and it’s hard to find in Vietnam. I’m also a fan of Danang’s calzone. I used to live in New York City with a pizza place on every corner and hadn’t had a proper calzone in the 14 years I’ve been in Vietnam until I visited Pizza 4P’s Danang, and it was delicious! I would be very happy if you could bring these dishes to Saigon 😉 

Broccoli and Sausage Pizza & Calzone (Available at Pizza 4P’s Danang) 

Beyond that, it’s not necessarily about the specific dishes; I appreciate the methods and ethos behind the food. I pay attention to supply chain issues and grew up eating farm-to-table, and I like that Pizza 4P’s is transparent throughout their sourcing process and always trying to improve. I trust that the company is a good environmental steward and cares for and respects local communities, employees, and customers. That’s why it really doesn’t matter to me what I’m eating at Pizza 4Ps; it’s more about their good intentions and positive actions that make people happy through delicious, creative food.

Is there any soundtrack or song you’d like to pair with your Happy Dish?

I tend to listen to more upbeat music nowadays, so if I have to pick a song, it would probably be ‘August Day Song’ from Bebel Gilberto. It’s always summer in Saigon, and her music is very dreamy and soothing, so when pairing this with my happy dish, it’s just all good vibes. 

Any film that you’d watch while having this dish at home? 

If I’m eating pizza, I’m probably watching either an action film or a comedy. 

Which location is your favourite Pizza 4P’s location to dine in?

I love all the locations; I think they’re beautiful and each one has its own style and decor. But for practical reasons, I would choose Hai Ba Trung because I can walk there from my house. I also love that it’s a big open space and has an indoor/outdoor feeling with that beautiful garden on the ground floor. I had my birthday party there!


Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung 

Who would you invite to share your Happy Dish with? This could be someone you know and love or a role model. 

I will do two. One would definitely be Thich Nhat Hanh, just because I think we could have really interesting conversations about anything. The other one would be my mother because she loves eating more than anyone I know. I think eating Pizza 4P’s would bring her so much joy. 

Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung 

What kind of dining set up would you have when you order delivery from Pizza 4P’s? 

I had a Zoom dinner date with my friends in April during strict social distancing, and we all ordered Pizza 4P’s ahead of time to make sure it was delivered at the same time. So the setup was me at my kitchen table with my other friends on Zoom, all eating Pizza 4P’s and drinking wine! 

Mimi and her friends having Pizza 4P’s Delivery together via Zoom. 

That’s it for our conversation! Is there anything else you’d like to share?

The motto at Pizza 4P’s is Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness and you really feel that every time you dine there. It does what they say it does! I really admire Masuko-san and Sanae-san because they prioritise their values and think about the greater impact of their business beyond the simple bottom line. And they’ve achieved a lot because of these values, not in spite of them; every Pizza 4Ps customer knows this. They’re wonderful role models for other companies, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, and are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice social good or the environment in order to be successful business people. 

Thank you Mimi for your valuable time! 🙂