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The Uniqueness of Pizza 4P’s Estella

Date : 2020/12/26Category : News

Whenever we create a new Pizza 4P’s branch, we approach each location in a unique way. We carefully work with architects and designers to create spaces that are authentic and welcoming, providing our guests with an exciting experience each and every time.

At our Pizza 4P’s Estella branch, you will immerse yourself in the warm and comfortable atmosphere, just like visiting a familiar friend or loved one’s house. We did this through the concept of building “ART alive to the room”, which uses unique monolith walls made from natural materials such as earth, brick, wood and stone, each arranged in layers to create depth for space. It also brings a feeling of nature and freedom to the dining experience at the restaurant.

This wonderful design was created by STUDIO DIG. in Tokyo. You can always enjoy this unique space and have a cozy meal at Pizza 4P’s Estella with your loved ones ❤️