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Over 2,000 jars have been returned to us!

Date : 2021/01/01Category : News

Four months ago, we officially started collecting and reusing our yogurt, pudding jars. We are very happy to see that our jar return programme has been very well-received by you, as the number of jars we have received so far has reached more than 2,235 jars. We are so delighted to get support from you in helping us reduce waste and protect the environment.

This initiative will continue to take place at all restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Don’t forget to get a small thank you gift from us whenever you return your jars to 4P’s:

  • 1 jar – get 1 string cheese
  • 2 jars – get 1 free yogurt or pudding


– We’d really appreciate it if glass jars are rinsed before returning to our team

– We may provide you drink tickets if retail products are out of stock

– You can order our yogurt or pudding here:

Thank you 🥰