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    Date : 2020/05/08Category : News

    Today, we would like to introduce something special: Listen 4P’s — a new podcast platform for peace and happiness.Delivering happiness to you, our dear customers, is what is most important to us. During this recent lockdown period, we have reflected deeply on this mission and we have been searching for ways to not only continue to deliver great f...

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  • 4P’s presents「Attitude of Authenticity」Vol.3

    Date : 2020/05/05Category : Media

    One of the brand values of PIZZA 4P’S is “Authenticity”. It is a spirit not to imitate and view things superficially, but to ask ourselves “what is being authentic?”, think deeply and continue to gain detail insights to execute a project. This time, we’re featuring a Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thang of Thien Sinh Farm in the third round of the series “Attitud...

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