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  • KALE!

    Date : 2020/06/05Category : News

    Kale Pizza with House-made Ricotta LemonPizza 4P’s would like to introduce our latest creation: A healthy pizza made with kale and homemade ricotta cheese from our Dalat cheese factory. Being ultra popular as an ultra healthy ingredient, kale is nutrient-dense, contains many B, C and E vitamins, which are all important antioxidants needed to help...

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  • “Make the World Smile for Peace”

    Date : 2020/06/04Category : Media

    “What is ‘Happiness’?”(What creates happiness? How do we find it and hold onto it?)That ultimate question has troubled me for years, always there, nagging at my mind.My best friend when I was a teenager: he had loving parents, in school was a captain of the rowing club. One of the movies he created (we filmed others together) won an award in a ...

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