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  • Pizza for Peace | Peace Week Event

    Date : 2020/09/15

    21st September is World Peace Day.We want to mark this day by doing what we know. Giving you a taste of peace – our way.Where?Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba TrungWhen?21/09/20 – 28/09/20100% of all proceeds from the sale of this Peace Week Event will go to the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund.Why peace?Because we believe in it.Because lov...

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  • 4P’s presents「Attitude of Authenticity」Vol.4 Shunri Nishizawa

    Date : 2020/09/11Category : NewsMedia

    The Chau Doc House “Generic city” is a concept suggested by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. It describes a city free of context, history and identity expanding in lockstep with unbridled population growth.Today this trend is especially apparent in emerging countries. By 2050, when the world’s population is expected to reach 9,8 bill...

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  • My Happy Dish Volume 1: Vincent Mourou

    Date : 2020/09/04Category : Media

    Hi Vincent! Thank you for joining us for our very first volume of the My Happy Dish Series. Vincent Mourou, Co-founder of MAROU Faiseurs de ChocolatAs you may know, at Pizza 4P’s, we highly value experiences that can help us achieve Life-long Happiness or inner peace. So, we’d like to know whether you have any experiences or moments in you...

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