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  • Special Seasonal menu, only at Pizza 4p’s Xuan Thuy!

    Date : 2021/03/29Category : News

    Introducing our Entovegan Cricket Burger, the dish that would definitely spark your curiosity 🍔Entovegan is a diet that only consumes plants and insects – an ultimate healthy and sustainable food diet. Insects are known to be a nutritious meat substitute that is high in protein, packed with vitamins and minerals!We created this burger with a pat...

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  • Our cheese factory featured on the cheese professor!

    Date : 2021/03/15Category : News

    We feel so honoured that our cheese factory is featured on The Professor Cheese!In this article, we’ve shared our stories about pioneering fresh and high-quality cheese products in Vietnam. We currently have about 13 different types of cheeses such as: Mozzarella, Camembert, Scamorza, Ricotta, Raclette, and more, which are produced and dist...

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  • German potatoes with our House-made Raclette cheese: a flavorful combination!

    Date : 2021/03/09Category : News

    We have combined our house-made Raclette cheese with oven-baked German potatoes to elevate the richness of the dish. The flavors of the potatoes, the subtle sweetness of the onions and saltiness of the bacon are mixed with distinct aroma of rosemary. Finally, dipped in the melted Raclette cheese, we hope this is a memorable experience for your tas...

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  • Try our yogurt and pudding!

    Date : 2021/03/08Category : News

    After the Tet holidays, you’re probably seeking healthier snack options. Look no further! Give our yogurt and pudding a try, they are perfect for light meals, breakfast or even as desserts.Our yogurt is natural, fresh and creamy with many different flavours, we’re sure they will definitely attract kids, as well as adults!With matcha ...

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