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Happy hens, Happy eggs, Happy us!

Date : 2021/04/06Category : News

Recently, we took a trip to visit Everyday Organic in Dak Lak, one of our cage-free eggs suppliers. Everyday Organic also produces and distributes organic agricultural and food products, certified to international standards such as the US, Europe and Japan.

The hens here can roam around freely with the standard of 4-square-meter of space for each hen. This encourages natural behaviours, increases their health and well-being, as well as improves egg quality. We were impressed by how happy they seemed, running around, interacting with one another and even laying eggs wherever they wanted. This is an important factor for us, which is the main reason why we committed to using cage-free eggs for all restaurants in the near future.

Currently, we have started using cage-free eggs at all restaurants in HCMC and Danang. By using cage-free eggs, the flavours of our dishes are much more elevated than before and would hopefully bring more smiles to our beloved guests. Happy hens, happy eggs can result in happy humans!