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Diversifying flavours with our Vegan Green Curry, only at Pizza 4P’s Xuan Thuy

Date : 2021/04/15Category : News

In our new seasonal menu, we embrace different flavours from all around the world, with each item having a little bit of the Pizza 4P’s touch. This time, we bring you the flavours of Thai cuisine.

This vegan green curry has an irresistible aroma from coconut milk and miso. This dish comes with herbs, zucchini, okra, peas, cashew nuts and pickled kohlrabi. When combined with a mixture of quinoa, oats and rice, you’ll sense the wonderful balance between different flavours and tastes in your mouth. A heartwarming and healthy dish that could put a smile to your face!

This dish and other special vegan dishes are now available only at Pizza 4P’s Xuan Thuy, District 2, HCMC. Come and enjoy with us: