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Come try our 10th Year Gratitude Pizza

Date : 2021/05/12Category : News

Starting from the 8th May, we invite you all to discover our special pizza, created for our 10th Anniversary and hope you can celebrate this special moment with us.

This pizza is our expression of gratitude to the people and partners who have supported us over the years. This unique dish features kale and morning glory, grown and harvested by Mr. Thang and his team at Thien Sinh Farm. We are especially grateful for this partnership, as it is the foundation of many of our signature dishes.

Also, this dish contains a special portion of beef, coming from one of ‘Happy Cows’ at the farm. These cows are special because they are not raised for mass meat consumption but rather to create compost for organic vegetables. The cows at Thien Sinh Farm are not fed with imported ingredients but with organic vegetables and grass have grown in the farm. Additionally, the cows drink 4P’s cheese whey yoghurt every morning, contributing to cows’ health. It is shown that the process of making this beef has reduced our footprint than the conventional ways.

Lastly, this pizza contains a selection of house-made cheeses (Stracciatella, Mozzarella, Ricotta Salata) produced by our cheese artisans in our Cheese Factory.

*Due to the limited quantity of these special ingredients, this dish is limited to 10 pizzas per day, available only at Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung (HCMC) and Pizza 4P’s Trang Tien (Hanoi). To reserve a 10th Year Gratitude Pizza, please contact us via our hotline: 028 3622 0500.