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The passion and commitment behind fresh and safe ingredients!

Date : 2021/05/17Category : News

During our visit to Nico Nico Yasai farm, we had a hands-on experience with Mr. Thien, Mr. Lam and their dedicated and attentive team. Let us share a little bit about what’s so special about Nico Nico Yasai farm!

For the first three years, they spent transitioning their farmland into organic soil, free from chemicals and pesticides. The water used here is taken from 60 meters underground, to ensure food safety and cleanliness. Their plant protection products are all homemade using natural ingredients such as neem, garlic, chili, bamboo vinegar, licorice, distilled alcohol, microbiological fertilizers, etc. Their fertilizers are also natural, made from bark hush and ash, peanut shell, straw, pig & cow manure, etc. This organic farming method takes a lot of thoroughness and it helps food to maximise nutrients and ripen naturally, creating a balance for our ecosystem. For us, this is a very important factor!

After this visit, we were very impressed with Nico Nico Yasai’s value of growing vegetables with the principles ‘No chemical pesticides and fertilizers’. As their core value is strongly aligned with our ‘Earth to People’ concept, we’re very excited to soon get fresh ingredients from their farm for our dishes, bringing the best experience to our beloved guests. Watch this space to stay updated!

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