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Let’s talk about sustainable packaging!

Date : 2021/12/06Category : News

When we decided to launch our delivery and take-away services, as well as our retail products, one crucial factor was to reduce or avoid using single-use materials. In our Sustainability Report, you’ll be able to see what we have done and what we will implement in the future to reduce as much plastic packaging as possible.

➡️ Check out our report in ENGLISH:

➡️ Check out our report in VIETNAMESE:

📝 We’d really appreciate it if you could provide some feedback through a simple survey: It will help us outline our sustainability strategy in the coming years ahead.

We have to admit it’s not an easy task and we have a lot of things to improve. One activity that we are very proud of is our Jar Return Programme for our yoghurt and pudding glass jars. With this programme, everyone is able to return empty jars to us and create a more sustainable production cycle altogether.

📧 If you happen to know anyone who can support us with improving our packaging, don’t hesitate to contact us via