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Pizza 4P’s Phnom Penh on The Bureau!

Date : 2021/12/06Category : News

Thank you to The Bureau Asia for featuring our zero-waste restaurant in Cambodia!

We launched Pizza 4P’s Cambodia in July, 2021 with the commitment of making it a zero-waste restaurant. We have had to work hard in finding and using recyclable materials whenever possible. Our pizza servers, signage, wooden floors, luggage boxes, trays, delivery bags are all made from recycled materials including used bullets and lumber from demolished houses. We have collaborated with several local partners, such as Andkow & Co. and a local architecture firm called NIRON HOUSE Sustainable Modular Prefab Units. We are very grateful to have the support from our local partners in helping us achieve our vision to ‘make the world smile for peace’.

To learn more about our commitment and challenges in becoming a zero-waste restaurant, please visit the article in the link: