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Have a little guess – which types of cheeses are in this pizza? 🧀

Date : 2021/12/06Category : News

Surprisingly enough, we haven’t shared much about one of our most favourite dishes so we’ve decided to talk a little bit about it today!

This pizza has five different types of cheeses (house-made Mozzarella, Camembert, Raclette, Blue cheese and hand-grated Grana Padano). An optional condiment to have with this pizza that is loved by many of our Guests is honey. The harmony between creaminess, saltiness and sweetness is perfectly balanced, offering a distinctive and memorable experience. We also have two other versions of this pizza, which are 3 Cheese pizza and 4 Cheese pizza depending on your preferences!

Tag your cheese-lover friend and come visit us to enjoy this together! You can also share with us your other favourite dishes and tag @pizza4ps #pizza4ps 😊