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The importance of sourcing locally & sustainably

Date : 2021/12/07Category : News

At Pizza 4P’s, sourcing plays an important role in our sustainability journey. How we source our products everyday directly impacts our environment, society and communities. In our Sustainability Report, you can see that we have three indicators as a way to assess and improve our sourcing, which are: locally sourced, sustainably sourced and sustainably sourced with certification.

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Currently, the majority of our food is sourced locally and the portion of sustainable food is still limited due to the lack of local producers and cost constraints. In 2020, we have begun sourcing a number of new key food ingredients on our menu from sustainable producers. We would really like to express our gratitude to our existing sustainable suppliers, who have been working with us since before 2020.

It is key that there is collaboration between producers, business, investors, guests, the community, NGOs, and government to promote a more sustainable food production system in Vietnam. We commit ourselves to taking initiative in this direction, and to make our products and ingredients not just locally sourced, but also sustainably sourced as much as possible in the coming years.