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Taking care of society & community

Date : 2021/12/09Category : News

Sustainability is not only about taking care of the environment but also taking care of our society and community. In our 2020 report, we include our findings and insights of our Partners and what we can do to improve their happiness and well-being while being a part of the company. Additionally, we also looked through the communal activities we carried out with the intention of supporting our local communities.

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In 2020, we had some remarkable numbers in the society and community section that we are very proud of such as:

– High gender equality (56% of partners are female)

– Happiness score improved within half year (3.52 to 4.10)

– More than 3,000 people joined pizza workshop

To achieve our vision to “Make the World Smile for Peace”, it’s important that we take care of our Partners, Guests, society and community. We believe that by doing so, we are able to spread more joy and positivity to everyone around us and the community at large.