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How have we improved our delivery service?

Date : 2021/12/10Category : News

Have you ever wondered, how can Pizza 4P’s continue to convey the spirit of “Omotenashi” to our Guests during the pandemic for the past 2 years? While dine-in service is paused and Guests can only order delivery or takeaway.

With that challenge, we have constantly changed and improved meticulously in the smallest things, such as: not slicing pizza into pieces, reducing the size of the box so the pizza stays intact, using seperate holding box, battery-powered thermostat to keep the pizza warm, biodegradable bags to reduce our plastic waste, separate toppings/sauces to ensure quality, and even a dining playlist for our Guests to enjoy at home while eating.

However, as part of a F&B brand with fresh-crafted products, delivery time is key. Therefore, choosing a delivery partner is an extremely important step for us. Our trust was put in the right place when we decided to partner with Ahamove, bringing our average delivery speed from 60-70 minutes to 32 minutes. This improvement has helped us a lot in bringing our Guests a better experience at home.

🥰 We’d like to thank everyone and Ahamove for being our partner and always supporting us. Also, thanks to CafeF for sharing this story!

To learn more about our effort to enhance delivery service, please visit the article in the link: Pizza 4P’s – A decade of continuing passion