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Award-Winning Natural Sake from Fukushima 🏆

Date : 2021/12/21Category : News

A little fun fact that we’d like to share with you today about the Natural Sake we have recently imported to Vietnam. In 2015, Niida-honke brewery received a gold prize winning Sake in Annual Japan Sake Awards.

As a brand with a “Earth-to-People” philosophy, we truly admire Niida-honke’s commitment to being in harmony with nature, using natural ingredients and traditional methods for the past 300 years. The final product offers such a memorable and pleasant experience, definitely something we don’t want you to miss out! Additionally, you can read more about Niida-honke’s story here: 4P’s presents「Attitude of Authenticity」Vol.5 Yasuhiko Niida of Natural Sake Brewery Niida-Honke

We are currently offering complimentary miso-infused Mozzarella to enjoy with this Sake. You can order in glass, carafe or bottle. Available nationwide, except for branches in Danang and Nha Trang.