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“Peace For Earth”: The Design Development of a Zero-Waste Restaurant

Date : 2022/01/19Category : News

Pizza 4P’s is trying to carry out environmentally-conscious projects step by step in order to achieve the vision “Make the World Smile for Peace”. We started our original article series “Peace for Earth” focusing on such sustainable projects in our company.

The topic of this article will focus on Zero Waste. In the previous article, we focused on the specific actions taken after the opening of the Cambodian store, but this time we will focus on how to incorporate zero-waste into the store design. We have been highly conscious of zero-waste in every aspect of the restaurant, including the actual building materials used in the restaurant, the uniforms worn by the staff, and the accessories essential to the restaurant. We will share a behind-the-scenes look at the implementation of zero-waste restaurants in Cambodia.

Upcycling 3 tons of plastic waste into furniture

At Pizza 4P’s, we believe in the word “edutainment”. This word is a combination of the words “education” and “entertainment” and describes something that can be learned in a fun way. At the Cambodia store, we aimed to make it fun for customers to learn about Zero Waste. In this way, the people who visited our store will be able to reflect on their experiences and insights at the store and create an opportunity to think about zero-waste in their own lives. Therefore, our restaurant in Cambodia incorporated the concept of zero-waste into the store design and the items used in the restaurant.

For the restaurant design, we worked with PLASTICPeople, with whom we have collaborated many times in Vietnam, to extensively use plastic waste as part of the furniture used in the store.

They combined materials made from indigo color plastic waste, the corporate color of Pizza 4P’s, on tables, chairs, and other places where customers would see them. More than three tons of plastic waste was recycled to make these pieces of furniture.

We also requested PLASTICPeople to make the cutlery boxes and spice containers that are always available at each table from the garbage of paper cartons.

There is a room called “recycling room” in this restaurant, where 20 kinds of garbage are separated and stored after sorting. The boxes for storing them were also commissioned by PLASTICPeople and made from aluminum paper carton waste. This room is open to all Guests and is a place where they can learn about how Pizza 4P’s actually sorts, processes, and reuses garbage.

Discarded glass bottles into terrazzo and glass

In addition, the tables at the counter that surround the pizza oven are also very particular. The tables are made of artificial marble called “terrazzo”, and the beautiful patterns are created by mixing cement with glass. In fact, all the glass used here is made from reused glass bottles that were discarded.

The glasses used to pour water served to customers are actually made from wine bottles cut in half. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary glass, but if you look closely, you will notice a large depression at the bottom, so many people realize that it is a reused wine bottle.

Use of reclaimed wood

For the wood used for the flooring in the store, we commissioned Niron House, a company that builds with waste wood, to use the reclaimed wood. Since illegal deforestation is a serious problem in Cambodia, we believe that this kind of movement to reuse waste wood is very meaningful. Furthermore, the use of scrap wood gives the house a vintage look and makes it more attractive. In addition to the flooring and walls, the baskets for customers’ luggage and the wooden plates for serving cheese platters were also made from this waste material.

Turning leather waste into bill holders

Cambodia is home to many factories of international apparel brands due to its cheap labor cost. As a result, the amount of waste generated from these factories is very large. Leather products are also included in the waste. We collected these discarded leather products and commissioned Gomi Recycle to create a bill holder. The leather material was originally intended to be used by a major apparel brand, so even though it is left over and discarded, it is of solid quality.

Turn wheat bags into eco-bags

Wheat is an essential ingredient in pizza making. However, when the pizza wheat is transported, a light and durable nylon bag is used. To find a way to reuse these bags, we asked Only One Planet to create an eco-friendly bag for pizza take-out that reuses these polyethylene bags. The bag is large enough to hold a pizza, but it can be folded to fit in a pocket.

Pizza server made from empty bullet casings

Cambodia experienced a civil war in the 1970s. The scars of the war still remain, and landmines and unexploded bombs can still be found in the rural areas of Cambodia. Andkow & Co is a company that upcycles Cambodia’s negative legacy into beautiful jewelry. They collect empty shell casings from bullets and turn them into beautiful jewelry.

This time, we asked Andkow & Co to make the pizza server used in our Cambodian restaurant and the Pizza 4P’s logo at the entrance, using brass made from recycled bullet casings. What was once made for the purpose of hurting people has now been reused in a pizza restaurant that aims for peace.

Uniforms made from leftover fabric

Our uniforms worn by the staff working at the store are made from waste too. The uniforms were made by Daughters of Cambodia, a wonderful NGO that provides vocational training to women who have worked in the sex industry so that they can become independent. The uniforms used at the Cambodian restaurant were made entirely by Daughters of Cambodia, and the materials used were recycled from clothes that are left over from the production of regular clothes.

We also asked Sui Joh, a company that makes custom-made shirts, to make the covers for the trolleys used to collect the plates after customers had finished eating, using fabric that would otherwise be discarded.

Future prospects

As a result of these efforts, we have received positive comments from customers, such as “I can feel the detailed attention to Zero-Waste”. For us, it would be a great pleasure if people who visit our stores in this way are even a little bit interested in zero-waste.

In the future, Pizza 4P’s plans to open two more stores in Phnom Penh. Of course, we will aim for zero-waste in all of them. Kazuya, the country manager in Cambodia, shared about our future prospects.

“Our goal is to create an ever-evolving zero-waste restaurant that will send a greater message and encourage more restaurants to become sustainable. Pizza 4P’s Cambodia is the beginning of achieving zero-waste, and we are considering a three-store plan that will develop our zero-waste initiatives as we open new restaurants.”

To be honest, if you ask us what we can do for the planet as a restaurant, we don’t know. We are still trying to figure it out. The zero-waste concept restaurant we built in Cambodia is an experiment for Pizza 4P’s itself, and for that reason, it has given us a lot of inspiration for the future business development of Pizza 4P’s not only in Cambodia but also in Vietnam or other countries. As a restaurant, we will continue to work towards the challenge of a model that does not send any garbage to landfills.