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The concept of ‘Overcoming’ at Pizza 4P’s Giga Mall

Date : 2022/04/05Category : News

Today, we’d like to share with you the design concept of Pizza 4P’s Giga Mall. ‘Overcoming’ is the story about the spirit of the people in Central Vietnam conquering through many natural obstacles, which has been considerably integrated into the design of the restaurant space.

Walls made of cracked clay represent the arid ground in the dry season; the image of a winding river is stylized through a dining table made of terrazzo; as well as hollow blocks of wood floating after storms. The central region suffers through a lot of losses from natural disasters, but the people here are always resilient and united to overcome these obstacles together – this spirit is depicted through the use of small bamboo and rattan, bringing strong vitality to rise up on such arid ground and pierce through the logs.

We’d like to invite you to come and experience this creative and meaningful space at Giga Mall Thu Duc (HCMC). A sincere thanks to Lê house for collaborating Pizza 4P’s in this project.