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The Zero Waste concept that we aim towards – Vol 1

Date : 2022/04/05Category : NewsMedia

Sustainable development is one of the most crucial factors to help us achieve our vision. Our surveys show that the topic “Waste management” is becoming widely known and the “zero-waste” term is becoming more and more familiar.

Zero waste is simply understood as a lifestyle that aims for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators or the ocean; or minimizing the amount of waste released into the environment. Reuse and recycling activities are highly encouraged to conserve natural resources, and contribute to reducing the amount of plastic pollution that is increasing globally.

This is a model that brings a sustainable future to which Pizza 4P’s always aims towards. In the near future, we will welcome a new location, also the first branch in Vietnam to follow the “zero waste” model. Stay tuned for our next post to see where this unique Pizza 4P’s branch will be located!