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Our transition to plastic neutral with the help of TONTOTON

Date : 2022/04/05Category : News

As a F&B brand with sustainability as one of our core values. Why do we still use disposable plastic materials for some of our retail products?

Currently, we are still on the search for sustainable alternatives. However, these options have proven to be unfeasible as they do not meet the food safety standards for our retail products such as house-made cheese, frozen pizza and pasta. That’s why we had to choose plastic materials. Sadly, these materials cannot be decomposed or recycled effectively.

To minimize this impact, we’ve decided to work with TONTOTON to neutralize our plastic footprint. By tracking the plastic packaging we use for our retail products, TONTOTON will help us offset that amount of plastic packaging. They empower the local communities to rescue the same amount of non-recyclable plastic from the coastlines of Phu Quoc Island and Hon Son Island on behalf of 4P’s. This amount of plastic will then be used as an alternative fuel at a cement manufacturing factory which replaces fossil fuel usage.

A special thanks to TONTOTON for helping us on this journey. We wouldn’t be able to do this without your help!

You can read more about this project here: