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JOURNEY 4P’S & 11TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY (8/5/2011 – 8/5/2022)

Date : 2022/05/08Category : NewsMedia
Part 1: Beginning.
To mark our 11th anniversary of Pizza 4P’s, we would like to introduce to you a new video series called “Journey 4P’s”. On this occasion, we want to take a look back at the past, share with you about the present and aim for the future.
With positive energy and smiles, our Co-founders – Masuko and Sanae will share more about the beginning of Pizza 4P’s and how this journey started in this first episode. Check it out and stay tuned for more episodes coming soon!
Part 2: Our Challenges & Motivation.
“Be grateful for what we have, and live now.” – one of Sanae’s warm and sincere words in this second episode of our “Journey 4P’s” series. This is also the motto that has helped our Co-founders, Sanae and Masuko, as well as 4P’s in general to get through such difficult times over the past years.
Embarking on our 11th year, we want to take a look back and reflect on our challenges, as well as motivation in order to learn from the past and improve for the future. Through this video, we’d also like to express our gratitude to our dear Guests and Partners, who have been there with us through it all.
Part 3: The Future.
Going beyond being a great restaurant, we want to create a space and community where everyone would feel inner peace and connectedness. It is the ideas, feedback, love and support of our dear Guests and Partners that have helped us grow and co-create the 4P’s of today.
Let’s look forward to the future with us! In this last episode of “Journey 4P’s” series, Masuko & Sanae will share more about the goals and vision of 4P’s in the upcoming years.