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Date : 2022/09/17Category : News

🍛 4P’s Meat Sauce is supposedly a perfect match with pasta. But, we believe that our 4P’s Meat Sauce won’t be that simple when falling into the hands of impressively creative Home Chefs. We are so excited to see you leverage our Meat Sauce with your exclusively new recipe.

🥓🌯🌮‍ Our special recipe incredibly brings the dine-in atmosphere right at your own home, both convenient and “multipurpose” by your pairing this Meat Sauce with many ingredients namely bread, rice, sandwich, pasta, etc.

👨‍🍳 Let’s get creative with the Home Chef Meat Sauce from Market 4P’s, you might encounter a perfect meal exclusively made by you.

👩‍🍳🍛 And to encourage our Home Chefs to play around with the creativity, we are hosting a fun contest called “SHOW THE SKILLS, COOK CREATIVELY WITH 4P’S MEAT SAUCE!” in which you will be free with your inventiveness, using 4P’s Meat Sauce to create your own dishes.

👉 To join the contest, kindly go through the scheme.
How to join:
– ONLINE: Buy our Meat Sauce at stores/ channels following this list
– OFFLINE: With every purchase on 4P’s delivery website or via phone that costs a minimum 300,000 VNĐ, you will receive a Meat Sauce package from 4P’s along with the contest leaflet (only 1,000 Meat Sauce package for the purchases).
– Create your own meal with our Meat Sauce.
– Take a photo of the outcome.
– Submit the photo with the google form link provided, fill in all personal information needed in the form (Scan QR code on the leaflet to submit your photo offline)

🤗It’d be lovely if you are able to create a fun name for your self-created meal. Write a description. The description for the photo is encouraged to have a brief introduction about the meal made with our Meat Sauce. All your thoughts shared are pretty much appreciated.
🤞Anyone who joins the contest will get a 50,000 VNĐ e-voucher from 4P’s.

– 3 most creative photos will be selected by 4P’s
– We will collect and publicize the top 3 photos (from online & offline) for the final round on Pizza 4P’s fanpage.
– The most interacted photo will win the contest.
– The winner will get a prize worth 1,000,000 VNĐ.

🥘Let’s rock the kitchen with your skills!