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Date : 2022/12/22Category : News

Winter days are slowly coming, what could be more wonderful than enjoying a hot dish at this moment? It’s time to get warm and cozy wind with our attractive and featured soups at 4P’s, which will surely stir up your taste buds and evoke an appetite for your meal 😋🍲

➡️ The seductive yellow color and wonderful smoothness of organic butternut pumpkin cooked with milk tea using Hatvala Jasmine flowers, bring you a soup that is not only nutritious but also special in aroma and taste.
➡️ The red color stands out with the harmonious sweet and sour taste of the traditional fresh Italian tomato sauce, combined with vegetables, meatballs, and Mascarpone cheese to harmonize the nuances in this Italian tomato soup.
➡️ Feel each tablespoon of creamy white milk cream, smooth and fragrant, mixed with natural sweetness from clams and vegetables, with a slightly salty taste of bacon with our popular soup – Clam Chowder.