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Date : 2022/12/20Category : News

💕Festive air is pervading everywhere already, the cold wind is gently rushing through every corner and Christmas time witnesses a jubilant atmosphere overwhelming every street of the country. Your year-end celebration wouldn’t be complete without this mood-enhancer: 4P’s Sangria.

🍹Originally, Sangria is a mixed alcoholic drink from Spain made with wine, fresh fruit and fruit juices. It is often built with strong liquor but at 4P’s, we soften down the traditional strongness and replace it with lighter wine as our main purpose is to focus on the refreshing and fruity taste of this special drink.

🥂4P’s Sangria comes in a large pitcher for everyone to share or in individual glasses with two types: the WHITE and the RED. As the “red” one strongly represents the spirit of Christmas with citrus notes and just the right amount of sweetness, the “white” choice is lighter than the other and includes fruity notes.

🧊Serve chilled over ice, these two “baddies” go well with our Cheese dishes and will definitely make you feel good on a cold December night. Let’s swing by the closest Pizza 4P’s and share happiness through a couple of Sangria glasses with your family and friends.